Why We Do What We Do

FrannyCares is on a mission to make professional caregivers' job searches easier, more efficient and fun! Caregiving work is hard enough. Finding your next job shouldn't be.

A Message from our CEO & Founder:

In my previous role as Director of Sales at an in-home care agency, I witnessed the soaring demand for professional caregiving firsthand. Yet, surprisingly, the toughest challenge wasn’t sales – it was recruiting. With 6 dedicated recruiters working tirelessly to find, hire, and retain care professionals, frustration was a constant companion.

Driven by this challenge, I envisioned a solution that marries cutting-edge AI-backed systems with the wonder of human empathy and compassion. In 2022, our incredible team brought FrannyCares to life – a platform designed to swiftly connect healthcare employers with prospective employees, forging bonds based on trust and shared values.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to alleviate the pain of caregiver recruitment for both care professionals and employers. With FrannyCares, we’re revolutionizing the way these partnerships are formed, making the process faster, more efficient, and above all, more human.

~ Francine (aka Franny)

Francine Hwang CEO & Founder of FrannyCares