FrannyCares is the New Way to Build a Caregiver Team

Recruiting skilled healthcare workers has never been more challenging. The shifts brought about by the pandemic have shaped our industry entirely. Exhausted care professionals are leaving their positions, resulting in an alarming 52% surge in job openings since 2020. The once dependable recruitment tactics: posting on job sites, leveraging social media, and relying on word-of-mouth are no longer yielding the desired results.

Enter FrannyCares: We are pioneering a new way to build your care professional team. If you have been frustrated by the time and energy (and money!) it takes to recruit, it’s not because your standards are too high, it’s because traditional recruitment methods lack the innovation our new world demands. What sets FrannyCares apart is our cutting-edge matching technology using an AI expert system that precisely matches candidates to jobs. We think sifting through long lists of candidates should be left in the past. With FrannyCares you only see the candidates who have matched your job based on dozens of criteria including: skills, schedule and desired pay.

And we are committed to not just finding the caregivers that are looking for jobs today. We are committed through our partnerships and our community ties to build a bigger pool of qualified care professionals.

Hire the right care professionals, the first time, with FrannyCares.

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Who Benefits from FrannyCares

In-Home Care Agencies

Assisted Living Communities

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Home Health/Hospice Agencies