Hello Caregivers!

The holiday season is upon us and I’m sure we could all already use a break! Below is the first ever FrannyCares Gift Guide. All gifts are under $50 and hand picked to bring rest and relaxation. Get these gifts for someone you love or for yourself! Self-care is care after all.

TheraCane Handheld Massager gift recommendation
TheraCane Handheld Massager – $40
Essential oil diffuser FrannyCares gift recommendation
Wanlola Essential Oil Diffuser – $38
One Line a Day Journal FrannyCares gift recomendation
One Line a Day Journal – $17
Cashmere sweater FrannyCares gift recommendation
One Quince Cashmere Sweater – $50
Target gift card FrannyCares gift recommendation
Target Gift Card – $5-$500
Sheet Mask FrannyCares gift recommendation
Dr. Jart Sheet Mask Set – $23
Movie popcorn kit FrannyCares gift recommendation
Movie Popcorn Kit – $17
Ouai Body Creme FrannyCares gift recommendation
Ouai Body Creme – $38
Fleece slippers FrannyCares gift recommendation
L.L.Bean Fleece Slippers – $50
Silk turban FrannyCares gift recommendation
100% Silk Turban from Etsy – $48

Looking for more options? Check out our recommendations on minimalist jewelry.

Stay Amazing! And Happy Holidays!


Hello Caregivers!

A restful sleep is so important for your mental and physical health. That’s why when you accept a night shift, it may be hard on your mind and body if you are used to working during daylight hours. Below are a few tips to help you adjust to an upcoming night shift schedule.

It is almost impossible to get ready for the night shift in just a couple of days. If you have the time, it’s best to train your body and mind for a few weeks to acclimate to the change. 

Create a perfect space for sleeping during the day by mimicking night. This may include using blackout curtains, a sleep mask and possibly ear plugs to minimize any distractions to your sleep. Also keep the room cool and tell people in your household to be as quiet as possible while you rest. It’s not easy to reset your body’s natural circadian rhythm!

On your night shift, it can be tempting to consume foods or beverages with sugar or caffeine for a much needed jolt. But these can offset all the hard work you have put into training your body’s clock. Opt for healthier alternatives such as berries, nuts, yogurt and lots of water. For a quick pick-me-up try a brisk walk, a cold compress to your face and neck or do some jumping jacks. Anything to get your mind and body moving again!

My favorite sleep mask and ear plugs I personally use:

Cute sleep masks from Etsy

Stay Amazing!

~ Franny

Hello Caregivers!

Temperatures are starting to dip and I’m craving cozy but healthy foods. Below are some of my go-to meals that are easy to make and easy to pack. Make sure you are taking breaks during work to fuel up!

Turkey Apple Sandwich

Turkey Apple Sandwich from Mindfull Mom

Chicken Fajita Bowls

Chicken Fajita Bowl from Cafe Delites

Peanut Butter Noodles

Peanut Butter Noodles from Food Network

Stay Amazing!


Hello Caregivers!

Managing your money is important no matter your career, but it is especially important when your pay may vary from week to week. When you trust a bank with your hard earned money, you want to make sure they don’t tack on any fees or hidden costs! Below are recommendations of 3 no-fee checking accounts. Some even offer cash bonuses for signing up! As with any financial product, make sure you read the fine print and they do not have physical locations to visit if you have questions, just online/phone customer service.

Note: Recommendations based on information current as of September 28, 2022

  1. SoFi
SoFi logo

You may have seen SoFi billboards around town or even been to an event at the splashy new SoFi stadium. What started as a college loan company has morphed into a full service online bank. SoFi is offering a no-fee checking and savings account and up to $300 “cash back” when you link to direct deposit and meet the minimum deposits. They also offer a 2.00% APY (annual percentage yield) which is basically unheard of in the banking world and an option to get paid before payday.


  1. Ally Banking
Ally Bank logo

I have personally used Ally Bank and their app and customer service is great. They have zero monthly fees and no overdraft fees. They also will never charge you for a low balance. Their APY is low at .25% so I would recommend looking elsewhere if you want to accrue interest. They also have an option to get paid before payday.


  1. Chime
Chime logo

Chime is the newest addition to the online banking world. It being a younger entity might give you some pause, but Chime has great reviews. One thing unique about Chime is they do not charge for international transactions, so if you are traveling overseas you can use your Chime card without any fees. Chime also will not charge for monthly fees, overdraft and they have the largest network of in-network ATMs (ATMs you can use without a fee). Again, they also have an option to get paid before payday. 

Note: Chime has a credit card as well and their website can make it a bit confusing. I am only talking about their debit card or checking account here.


Stay Amazing!

~ Franny

Hello Caregivers!

I wrote in a previous post the importance of wearing minimalist jewelry. When I say minimalist jewelry it means smaller pieces that keep you and the client/patient safe. Dangling earrings can be alluring to patients who may tug or pull on them hurting your earlobes! And large rings can rip gloves or hurt patients when you are helping them transfer or bathe. Of course, there is also the hygiene factor that rings, earrings and bracelets can attract germs that are not so easily washed off. I recommend not wearing jewelry altogether but every girl (me included!) loves their accessories right? 

Below are three brands that specialize in minimalist jewelry and can safely wear when doing your hero work as a caregiver:

  1. Mejuri

2. Shashi

3. Ana Luisa

Stay Amazing!

~ Franny