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Retain Caregivers by Preparing Caregivers

The Power of Quick Client Fact Sheets

In the world of caregiving, preparedness is the cornerstone of effective and compassionate support for clients. Surprisingly, a FrannyCares survey revealed that 87% of caregivers have felt unprepared for their role. It’s not a lack of skill or knowledge that’s the issue – it’s about providing the right tools for success. Fortunately, employers can employ a simple yet impactful tactic to ensure caregivers feel ready and capable.

Quick client fact sheets condense vital information into a concise and accessible format. They act as a bridge between employers, caregivers, and clients, ensuring that caregivers are well-informed before they start working with a new client. These fact sheets should include:

1. Basic Information: Client name, age, gender, and contact information.

2. Medical History: Existing medical conditions, allergies, medications, and any ongoing treatments.

3. Daily Routine: Insights into the client’s daily activities, routines, and preferences.

4. Special Requirements: Any specific needs or accommodations the client may have.

5. Emergency Contacts: Contact details of family members or friends to reach out to in case of emergencies.

6. Communication Tips: Guidance on how to effectively communicate with the client, considering their preferences and potential challenges.

7. Likes and Dislikes: Information about the client’s hobbies, interests, and personal preferences.

8. Conversation Prompts: Topics to promote engagement and socialization of the client

Creating these sheets is best left to the client or their family. This empowers them to provide critical information while lightening the load on your staff. And remember the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Encourage families to share client photos – it’s a way for caregivers to connect on a human level.

In the caregiving journey, knowledge truly is power! With these fact sheets, caregivers can approach their roles with confidence, compassion, and the readiness to make a real difference.

Here is a sample fact sheet for employers to use:

Client/Resident/Patient NameJohn Smith
Age78 years old
Medical HistoryJohn has osteoarthritis and high blood pressure, some short-term memory loss, hearing loss on right side
Daily RoutineJohn is an early riser7-8am – John gets up and starts the day reading the newspaper and drinks coffee, takes morning medications8-10am – Eat a light breakfast and walk on treadmill10am-12pm – Watch news and eat lunch12-2pm – Post nap lunch2-4pm – Work in garden, walk on treadmill, play boardgames, card games or chess4-6pm – Prepare dinner, talk to friends or family6-8pm – Take nighttime medications, shower, read books
Special RequirementsLow sodium diet, uses lidocaine patches for pain (right lower back)
Emergency ContactsLisa Smith (daughter) – (123) 456-7891Christine Smith (daughter) (123) 454-1234
Communication TipsJohn is hard of hearing in his right ear, speak loudly and clearly on his left sideHe does not like to speak a lot, but he does love listening to storiesPlease do not bring up politics
Likes and DislikesLikes:Playing gamesNatureTalking about his time in the serviceTalking about his daughters and late wife, JuneTending to his gardenHearing about your storyDislikes:Being coddledThings being messyBrussel sprouts
Conversation PromptsAsk open-ended questions:Tell me about your time in the army.How old are your daughters? What were they like growing up?When did you learn to play chess? What do you like most about it?Tell me about your wife June. How long did you two date before you asked her to marry you?

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