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The Struggle of $15.68/Hour

Hello Caregivers!

As a caregiver (home care aide, personal care aide) in the regions of Los Angeles or Orange County, you probably know the average hourly wage is $15.68.* It’s needless to say how challenging it can be to make ends meet in areas with such a high cost of living, all while earning $15.68 an hour. So, the big question is: What steps can we take to address this?

Know Your Worth

Caregiving is hard. Even the most skilled and compassionate caregivers can find themselves overwhelmed by the physical and emotional demands that come with caring for older adults. It’s a field where back injuries and burnout often go hand in hand. To make matters more pressing, there’s a noticeable scarcity of qualified caregivers in the market, while the demand for their services continues to surge. Remember the early days of the pandemic when a frenzy for toilet paper took hold? The result was sky-high prices due to the principle of supply and demand. When demand for a product or service soars while the supply remains limited, prices naturally rise – and, hopefully, wages follow suit. Don’t let anyone tell you you are doing minimal work for minimum wage. Your work has immense value.

Gather Insights

Our peers often serve as an invaluable source of information. Whether it’s about uncovering the best barbecue joints in Los Angeles or staying abreast of the latest fashion trends, we rely on the knowledge shared by friends, family, and colleagues to stay informed. This practice is doubly important when it comes to our work. Building connections within the caregiving industry becomes crucial. These connections provide insights into the top-notch employers to consider, tricks for mastering the art of caregiving, and even pay rates. At FrannyCares, we’re highly selective about the employers that join our network. A strong reputation, fair labor practices, and proper licensing are non-negotiables. Before accepting or even applying for your next job, ensure you’re armed with all the relevant information.

Boost Your Earning Potential

Staying current with the various health conditions and ailments that afflict older adults is important not only for becoming an exceptional caregiver but also for bolstering your case for higher compensation. If you’ve pursued specific certifications or invested time in courses related to promoting the health of older adults, you automatically become more appealing to potential employers and the patients you serve. Remember, education – whether formal or informal – frequently acts as the stepping stone to a more rewarding career and increased pay. Don’t forget, FrannyCares has partnered with Unitek to extend an opportunity for free CNA Classes.

Stay Amazing!


*Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2022

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